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Ground Operations Module

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Ground Operations Module

The Ground Operations Module is most helpful to airlines and corporate shuttle services to monitor contracted Ground Handling Service providers.

The Ground Operations Module consists of two subparts: “Station Surveillance” and “Station Assessment”. “Station Surveillance” facilitates the permanent surveillance of your outside stations. The module is programmed in such way that your subcontracted local supervision department or your pilots are obliged to perform ongoing self-assessments during turnarounds by filling in customized checklists implemented in IQSMS. Your ground operations department receives the results of those assessments in real time.

The module ensures that you stay informed about all the safety and quality relevant issues of your stations. The “Station Assessment” part enables you to perform standardized Ground Operations Audits (yearly or biannual). The combination of both subsystems ensures a sound Ground Station Monitoring that is in compliance with relevant regulations.


Increase Ground Operation Safety
Regular quality checks by local staff result in reduced numbers of ground incidents
Increase aircraft utilization