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FDM (Risk) Module

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FDM (Risk) Module

This module is of particular interest to regional airlines, helicopter operators and business aviation operators using FOQA/FDM.

The FDM Risk Module provides an interface between your FDM provider and IQSMS, which facilitates an automatic match of FDM incidents with pilot reports that have been entered in the IQSMS Reporting Module.

In case no corresponding pilot report has been filed, the FDM Module offers the possibility to contact the pilot directly via IQSMS and request a report. In the event that such report is not entered, the FDM Module also supports you with the risk analysis and documentation of the corrective action process.

For the following FDM software providers automatic data transfer is already available:

  • SARA
  • Aerobytes
  • Polaris

Interfaces with other providers can be established upon customer request.

Confidentiality of all data is guaranteed by limiting access to the FDM Risk Module to responsible gatekeepers only.




Centralized documentation of relevant safety related information including FDM events in one system
Work facilitation for your Flight Safety Department


Improved safety statistics by merging all safety relevant data