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We are delighted to announce the partnership with German WIKING and warmly welcome the offshore flight specialist to the ASQS family.

Founded in 1975 for the purpose of the transfer of sea-pilots, WIKING Helikopter Service GmbH today is a leading provider of a wide range of sophisticated aeronautical and technical offshore helicopter flight operation services in Europe. The company is headquartered in Sande in Friesland, Lower Saxony in Northern Germany, and based at JadeWeser Airport. Operating a fleet of Airbus H145 and Leonardo AW139 aircraft, WIKING is specialized in the transfer of sea-pilots, crew changes on ships, offshore and research platforms, as well as helicopter hoist operations and servicing offshore wind parks. 

In cooperation with the central command for maritime emergencies in Germany, the Offshore Response Safety GmbH (ORS) and the ARGE Küstenschutz, WIKING operates ambulance and rescue flights in the Northern and Baltic Seas, offers emergency medical assistance to employees based at offshore wind farms, and provides protection along the German coastline.

As a CAMO and authorized EASA Part-M organization, WIKING also carries out the entire range of maintenance tasks for their own aircraft as well as on the aircraft of their customers. In its function as ATO with type rating and instructor authorization for Airbus Helicopters H145, the company offers helicopter flight trainings and pilot testing according to EASA standards and approvals.

Operating in a very challenging and sometimes hostile environment, at WIKING operational safety is seen as core value and the basis of their everyday actions. Therefore, staying compliant with national and international regulations and standards and approaching hazards and risks proactively and systematically form major elements of the company’s strategy to guarantee the safety of employees and customers. The IQSMS Quality, Reporting and Risk Management Modules will support WIKING Helicopter Service in their quality assurance and in handling and processing their safety data, and will thereby further contribute to a solid safety culture across all levels of the company. 

We are proud to be able to support WIKING Helikopter Service with our expertise in the field of integrated safety and quality management and appreciate the confidence in our products and services. 

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