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After half a year of development, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the new IQSMS Auditor App, available for free download from the Apple App Store for all customers who already use the IQSMS Quality App. Subjected to a complete redesign, the app comes with new smart features, while still providing users with familiar key elements. 

Just like its predecessor, the new Auditor app, which will replace the current model, is designed to provide users with more flexibility in the management of their audit and inspection processes anywhere at any time. The offline app enables the performance of quality audits at locations where internet connection is not available, or where it is much more convenient to use an offline device – on an aircraft, or in a maintenance hangar for example.

Proven features such as a clear presentation of audits and inspections which can be downloaded directly to your handheld device, the automatic display of guidance material, as well as the IOSA conformity and the possibility to directly attach media files are complemented with new functionalities that make the handling and performance of audits even more intuitive. 

Most outstanding highlights of the app:

Auditing supported on iPhone
The simplified audit and inspection management enabled by the extensive functionality of the previous version of the IQSMS Auditor App, which has been available for iPads and Microsoft Windows devices, has led to an increased demand for extending the offline solution to smartphones as well. That’s why we decided to expand the offer with the rollout of the new Auditor App, enabling users to now conduct audits and inspections also via iPhones.




Optimized Handling of Questionnaires
An integrated search function and the possibility to mark and group questions, as well as the option to divide questionnaires into chapters, makes auditing on your mobile device clear and structured. 

New Layout & Design
Layout and design got a fresh look while providing a well-structured overview of your audits and inspections. 

Questions/Requirements Available in Auditor Comment Section
Within the auditor comment section, related questions and/or requirements can be seen, in order to enable easy access and citing via a drag & drop function.

Don’t miss out on all these improvements: make sure you’ve download the updated IQSMS Auditor App for your iOS or Windows device, and stay tuned for future updates and developments.

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